Mark Hosken - VBA Programmer and Access Database Developer

BackgroundMark Hosken

I started building Access business databases in 1998 and Open File was set up in the year 2000 with the goal to deliver effective database systems for business.

My business knowledge is diverse and gained through running my own business and working closely with managers and business owners across the business spectrum at all levels.

In the mid 1980's I used the recently introduced Amstrad PC, with a little programming and some spreadsheets this little computer became the reliable secretary doing quotes bills of quantity, invoicing and all the stuff that businesses have to do.

A decade later I was project managing and setting up a food packing business. The new generation of PC's and software seemed like the perfect tool to use for administration and production line monitoring. So with an enquiring mind and some lateral thinking lots of the problems got solved with Office software and a bit of Visual Basic programming.

Microsoft Office and Access Databases

My long term use of Microsoft Access databases, Excel spreadsheets, Word, Outlook and the very powerful programming language Visual basic for Applications (VBA) has produced some amazing and long lasting business systems. I am passionate about simplicity and organisation in the work place and the Microsoft Office Suite enables me to achieve great results for my customers.

My approach

It's not just my programming skills that make me successful; I have valuable business knowledge in my toolbox of experience which I like to share with you to provide the answers you are looking for in a cost-effective way.

I approach all the business software projects I do with the same enthusiasm and interest endeavouring to provide exactly what the business needs to succeed. I am based in East Sussex and have worked throughout Kent, West Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey with more than 38 organisations in both private and public sector with 5 to 80 employees delivering over 50 business solutions.

Getting in contact

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As expert MS Access database development specialists, we are working with businesses in Surrey, Sussex and Kent; Brighton, Crawley, Burgess Hill, Haywards Heath, Eastbourne, Crowborough and Newhaven.